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How do I choose a home inspector?

Homes are major purchases.  In fact, they’re probably going to be the biggest purchases you ever make in your life.  That means you need to make sure that your money is well spent.  Having a home inspection will give you that reassurance (or keep you clear of a bad purchase). Of course, if you want a home inspection then you need to find a home inspector.  If you don’t know...


What is the Difference Between an HOA and a Condo Association?

When you’re buying or investing in property, the terms “homeowners association”  and “condo association” regularly come up. Since most of us don’t use these phrases in everyday language, they can be a little confusing. You don’t always know what they mean, leaving you feeling confused. Real estate jargon can be the trickiest part of the home buying process. Fortunately, we have the...


How to Improve Your Credit Score: 10 Steps to Take Now

Planning to purchase a new home soon? It’s the American dream to own a house, but not all aspiring home buyers get to see their dream come true. A common challenge most people face when buying a home is a poor credit score. Here are 10 ways on how to improve your credit score. With a below-average score, no lender may be willing to work with you, and if they do, the loan interest rates are almost...


How to Buy a Home in a Seller’s Market

There’s no doubt that things are tough for buyers at the moment. Home sellers have the upper hand. Demand is high, houses are in short supply and prices are rising. Fortunately, we're here to help with a great resource on how to buy a home in a seller's market. A seller’s market like this makes purchasing a new home challenging. In most cases, you have to pay the asking price (or more)....


Adulting 101: Prepare to Finance a Home

Do you want to buy a home? Congratulations!  Homeownership is something that many people have worked towards for years. It can be one of the most rewarding decisions in your life. However, there are also some things that you need to prepare for before taking on this big financial commitment. So here are steps to prepare to finance a home and get started on the right foot with your new mortgage...


7 Reasons to Own a Home

Some people say that owning a home is too much of a financial burden. But as it turns out, there are many benefits to ownership. In this article we list 7 reasons to own a home. Owning your own home can be an investment for the future and provide you with stability and a legacy for your family. From the pride of ownership to the opportunity to increase wealth from appreciation, the reasons to own a...


7 Reasons to Use Real Estate Agents

When you decide to sell your property you might consider doing it independently, but here are some reasons to use a real estate agent. You may think this will be the most cost-effective way to go about things. While this may be true in some cases, there are many reasons to use a real estate agent that will why working with an agent is better than going it alone. Real estate agents have access to an...


How to Prepare to Buy a Home: Before You Start Looking

How to Prepare to Buy a Home: Before You Start Looking Buying a home can be challenging, whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor. Fortunately, we are here to help with a very comprehensive list on how to prepare to buy a home. After all, there are so many steps, tasks, and requirements, and you may be anxious about making a costly mistake. It is not an easy mistake to resolve...