Careers with OMNI Horizon Real Estate

View new horizons and new opportunities with OMNI Horizon Real Estate. An emerging leader in the local market, OMNI Horizon thrives on connecting buyers and sellers with extraordinary sales and broker associates and industry-leading technology.

Why Advance with OMNI Horizon Real Estate?

OMNI Horizon Real Estate understands that the bulk of your business as an agent comes from great leads. Instead of relying solely on portal leads, OMNI Horizon has created a proprietary technology suite that allows for next-level lead generation from active buyers and eager sellers right in your very own community.

With these unique leads from OMNI Horizon Real Estate’s advanced methodologies and tools, you’ll find new ways to better serve customers. From pre-listing evaluation to staying in touch after closing, you’ll love working with the team and tools offered by OMNI Horizon.

Join the OMNI Horizon Real Estate Team

We are currently seeking sales and broker associates who are ready to set the standard for innovation and expertise. With your knowledge and skill combined with our next-generation tools, you’ll find that nearly endless opportunity abounds.

With our unique lead generation models, you’ll stop competing for the same portal leads that cross every other agent’s desk and tap into a new, hidden market of eager buyers and sellers.

Let OMNI Horizon Real Estate go to work for you. Reach out now to learn more about our real estate careers. 

Take the next step toward success.

Are You Ready to Explore New Horizons?

It takes a special kind of agent to thrive in our next-generation firm. Our brokerage is prepared to leverage emerging technology to find new ways of getting down to business, and that means forward-thinking agents from all backgrounds will thrive with OMNI Horizon Real Estate.

The team at OMNI Horizon Real Estate shines and prospers thanks to their adherence to our four core values:

Our team is tenacious.

The team at OMNI Horizon Real Estate thrives on the practice of persistence. From the behind-the-scenes developers, to our broker, to our real estate agents, each member of the team exemplifies the tenacity required to leverage solutions along each step of the home buying and selling journey.

Our team is united.

We are one. The OMNI Horizon Real Estate team functions as a whole, not as individuals. Our entire team is focused on the same goal: to continuously redefine and reimagine real estate and technology. This sense of unity is evident in all actions and interactions, with each other and with our clients.

Our team is trailblazing.

Joining the OMNI Horizon Real Estate team is like blazing a new trail. We are dedicated to finding emerging and beneficial ways to support home buyers, sellers, and agents by using innovative tools. Our dedication to leveraging and developing technology knows no bounds and the results are next-level.

Our team is extraordinary.

Excellence defines the OMNI Horizon Real Estate team. Our dedication to this extraordinary effort shows in all we do, from each line of the industry-changing code we write to the way each agent dedicates focus and expertise to provide exemplary solutions to our customers. We welcome new ideas and new innovations as we progress on our quest toward excellence.

Life at OMNI Horizon Real Estate

OMNI Horizon Real Estate is on an ongoing journey to redefine real estate by leveraging technology. Our proven methods do more than provide great leads. Our methods create true opportunity for wealth.

Seasoned selling agents can benefit from working with OMNI Horizon by gaining access to a whole hidden market of leads and enjoying further success. Those new to the market can combine fresh training and fresh ideas to implement essential changes in the way the industry gets down to business and serve as true agents of change.

Life at OMNI Horizon Real Estate is good. We have created a united atmosphere that allows success for everyone by generating unique leads and matching them with the right agent. Each agent’s success is OMNI Horizon’s success and we are eager to support you on each leg of your real estate career journey.


COO & Managing Broker

Each Real Estate Journey is Different

The customer journey is different for every home buyer or seller. This means OMNI Horizon Real Estate agents need to be flexible and knowledgeable. From understanding the nuances of the market to identifying the needs customers aren’t prepared to articulate, understanding the implications of each journey is essential to success.

OMNI Horizon Real Estate is forward-thinking and always looking ahead. This means our dedication to developing and leveraging technology into the real estate journey is essential. 

However, it takes more than great tools and tech to make the home buying or home selling experience accessible to today’s consumers. A personal touch is required to ensure every need is met along each step of the journey. We combine Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch.