7 Reasons to Own a Home


Some people say that owning a home is too much of a financial burden. But as it turns out, there are many benefits to ownership. In this article we list 7 reasons to own a home.

Owning your own home can be an investment for the future and provide you with stability and a legacy for your family. From the pride of ownership to the opportunity to increase wealth from appreciation, the reasons to own a home abound. Look at our list of 7 reasons to own a home and you’ll understand the benefits that come with this kind of investment.

Pride of Ownership

Owning a home gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is truly your place to make your memories and put down roots. In addition, you will never have to worry about being kicked out for not paying rent or having your price increase beyond what you can afford.

Owning a home gives you a sense of pride because you know that you are investing in your future. You have a place to call home, and you can pass it down to your children one day. It is a stability that many people lack these days, and it is something for which to be grateful.

No More Rising Rent

One significant advantage of owning a home is that your monthly housing expense is fixed. As rents continue to rise, homeowners are sheltered from this cost increase because their mortgage payment stays the same for the life of the loan. This is especially beneficial during periods of inflation when the general cost of goods and services rises.

As a homeowner, you are also “locked-in” to your housing price should you choose to sell in the future. Of course, monthly rental fees can go up, but as long as you keep making your mortgage payments, your home equity will continue to increase as well. In a volatile market, this security can be comforting.

Wondering how much house you can afford? Look at our Mortgage Calculator and explore what your budget might be like after purchasing a home.

Stability and Legacy for Family

Stability is one of the most important reasons to own a home. When you have your place, you create peace for your family both in terms of housing and creating an environment where kids can grow up with a sense of permanence. You also leave behind a legacy for future generations.

Leaving a legacy for your family is one of the most important reasons to own a home. When you pass on, your loved ones will have something tangible to remember you by – a place where they can gather and share memories.

Beat Inflation

Rising inflation refers to the general increase of prices for goods and services in an economy over time. When the cost of living increases, it becomes more challenging to maintain your current standard of living. 

Owning a home can help you beat rising inflation because, typically, the real estate value will increase at a rate above the inflation rate. This means that not only will you have a place to live that is immune from inflation, but you will also see your investment grow over time.

There’s a lot that goes into buying a home when you’re trying to beat rising costs. Learn more about how to prepare to finance a home.

Possible Tax Deductions and Exemptions

Tax deductions are available when you file your annual tax return. A few factors will determine the amount of tax deduction that is available to you. For example, mortgage interest, property taxes, and home improvement costs are deductible when filing your annual tax return. You may also deduct points that you paid to get the mortgage loan. In addition, if the purchase of your home was made using funds from a retirement account, such as an IRA, then those funds can be withdrawn without penalty for buying a first home.

Several exemptions are available when purchasing a home. The most common exemption is the homestead exemption which allows homeowners to exempt a certain amount of their home’s value from being taxed. This exemption varies depending on where you live, but it is typically about $50,000. If you live in a state that does not offer the homestead exemption, other options are available to homeowners, such as homeowner’s exemptions and property tax deductions.


One of the biggest reasons to own a home is appreciation. Over time, homes have consistently increased in value, allowing homeowners to build equity and wealth. While there are always risks associated with any investment, real estate has proven to be a solid long-term investment.

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